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summary response essay

summary response essay - ByAlexdeMostafa...

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What is the effect of sleep deprivation - The causes and  effects of losing sleep By  Alex de Mostafa http://www.articlehealthandfitness.com/articledetail.php? artid=34788&catid=470&title=What-is-the-effect-of-sleep-deprivation---The- causes-and-effects-of-losing-sleep
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What is the effect of sleep deprivation - The causes and effects of losing sleep                                                                                                                                 Chen Hecheng                                                                                        03-11-10      Summary               In the article, the author told us the effects of sleep deprivation and how  dangerous the sleep deprivation is. According to a research about twenty-five  percent of Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation or worse. That’s very 
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  • http://www.articlehealthandfitness.com/articledetail.php? artid=34788&catid=470&title=What­is­the­effect­of­sleep­deprivation­­­The­ causes­and­effects­of­losing­sleep

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