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first discussion - Should I support my country when it’s...

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I don’t think the quiz give me a fair chance to express my opinions. The political compass should be involved in more questions and ideas. There are only six pages and few questions in the political compass. You know when you determine people’s political opinion or people’s ideological position, that is not just can be determined by some questions. And I don’t think the multiple choice questions are good enough. I think there is something that you can easily tell from his words or statements. There were some particular questions were especially helpful in determining my ideological position. I would always support my country, whether it was right or wrong. I was told that we should support my country when I was in China. At that time, I didn’t think about our country is wrong or right. I asked myself when I saw this statement.
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Unformatted text preview: Should I support my country when it’s wrong? Now, my answer is no. When it’s wrong, we don’t have to support it. We can express our right opinions. But there’s no election in China, even you may be punished when you express some sensitive opinions, such as about democracy or freedom. People can only vote for their village head in China. I did that once in 2009 when I was at home. The quiz’s description of my ideology in the result is correct. My result is nearly the same as Mohandas Gandhi’s. My result is -2.84 of left/right, and -1.36. Gandhi supported taking the unarmed violence. He said the power of unarmed violence is any day far superior to that of armed force was very famous. He didn’t have any authoritarian tendencies. So do me. It’s a result of a people is not militant....
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