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journal1 - don’t like people talk about government The...

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CHEN HECHENG Journal 1 I learned a lot from this class. I know many kinds of ideologies and the determination of government. I did know nothing about that before because in China it’s not a good thing to talk about government. The Chinese government says China is socialism but actually I think it’s the capitalism but not democracy. I even don’t know what government is before but now I know that the government exists to control or to govern. The three major purposes of governments are: Maintaining Order, or establishing the rule of law to preserve life and property Providing Public Goods, and Promoting Equality. These kinds of knowledge never exist in the class in China. They
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Unformatted text preview: don’t like people talk about government. The government did many things wrong and the thinking of the society is wrong. And I also very interested in Ideology and the Scope of Government. Libertarianism is an ideology that opposes all government action except what is necessary to protect life and property. Anarchism is an ideology that opposes all government, in any form and values freedom above all else. American Political Ideologies and the Purpose of Government Liberals are an ideology that believes in government helping the disadvantaged and support government spending on social programs....
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