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CHEN HECHENG Journal3 Today I learned about U.S. Constitution and the history of the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution has a long history. In the 18 th century, The Articles of Confederation was the compact among the 13 original states that established the first government of the United States. But The Articles of Confederation has its limited. So the Constitution was replacing the Articles of Confederation. Later, the Bill of Rights emerged as a concession to gain the required number of votes needed for passage. So I think the U.S. Constitution has more than two hundred years history. As far as I know, the China Constitution only
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Unformatted text preview: has sixty years history. I read the Chinese Constitution and I think the Constitution almost give us every rights. That means the Chinese Constitution almost the same as the U.S. Constitution. Most of people think that there’s no freedom in China. I can tell you that are not true. The China Constitution gives the citizen freedom of speech and any other rights. In fact, the government doesn’t govern follow the Constitution. I think the Chinese government should faithfully implement the Constitution and laws....
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