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CHEN HECHENG Journal4 Public opinion does not rule in America. The public opinion is collected attitudes of citizens concerning a given issue or question. People form their values through the process of political socialization. The most important socialization agents in childhood and young adulthood are family, school, community, and peers. Members of the same social group tend to experience similar socialization processes and thus to adopt similar values. Basically, I think the opinion polling has its limited. Sometimes it may predict the results correct, sometime it doesn’t. So the voting can’t be replaced by polling. The polling is just sampling a few people, but it predict to everyone. The polling now is used in every social issue even in the election. In U.S. and some democracy countries, the poll
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Unformatted text preview: is usually used in the election. It can help people know some information about the election. The government can use poll to know the peoples opinion about some social issues. Its good for the government to make some decisions. But in China, there is not a democracy country that means theres no election in China. The poll is only used in some small issues. The Chinese government doesnt listen to the public opinion in any big problems. They make decisions only by themselves. They also dont allow people to talk about some sensitive issues. Thats the different between democracy countries to a som country....
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