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CHEN HECHENG Journal 5 The mass media is the means employed in mass communication, often divided into print media and broadcast media. The mass media transmit information to large, heterogeneous, and widely dispersed audiences through print and broadcasts. The broadcast media operate under technical, ownership, and content regulations imposed by the government; but over the past two decades, the FCC has relaxed its rules limiting media ownership and ensuring fair and balanced representation of competing views. It’s a common that newspapers have lost ground since the 1930s to radio, since the 1950s to TV, and since the 1990s to the Internet. Some people think that the newspaper will disappear at last as the time goes by. But I didn’t agree with that. I think that reading the
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Unformatted text preview: newspaper has become some peoples habit. They cant live without newspaper and I also like reading newspaper very much. I mean I can get information from TV and internet but I like the feeling when I am reading newspapers. The other thing I want to talk about is the media influencing public opinion. I didnt trust the Chinese media at all because the Chinese mass media is under control by Chinese government. The Chinese government controls the mass media to control the information and the public opinion. They block the bad news about the government because they just want to build up a good impression on the public....
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