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Congress Discussion Assignment Consider your experience of Congress.  Write about one typed page (20 lines double-spaced  Times New Roman type) responding to the following questions. If you have not previously  known much about Congress, you should try to find out about  Congress by watching TV such  as C-Span (which often broadcasts Congressional activities live) or reading reports in  newspaper or magazines or online.   1.  Have you read the newspaper or online reports of how members of Congress voted on  legislation? If so, did you agree with their votes? 2.  Have you seen or heard members of Congress speak, in person, or on radio, TV (e.g. C- Span), or online? If so, did you think they came across as people you could like or admire? 
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Unformatted text preview: What did they speak about? Did you agree with what they said? 3. Do you know who your Congressional representative and senators are (if you are a US citizen?) If you are not a US citizen, do you know who is a member of parliament representing your area or the party you support? Do you feel this person is a good representative of your views? 4. Do you believe that a member of Congress should be a “trustee” voting for what he or she thinks best, regardless of the opinion of the people of his/her district, or a “ d elegate,” voting for what most people in his/her district support? Why? Which way do you think the representative you described in Question 3 behaves? Why do you think so?...
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