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CHEN HECHENG Journal6 The political participation is the actions of private citizens by which they seek to influence or support government and politics. To have “government by the people”, the people must participate in politics. I think the citizens can also participate in some unconventional ways. People are motivated to participate in politics that they can show support to their country. I think it is the right and the responsibility of a citizen. There is no election in China. But I think the citizens can participate in politics in other ways- staging sit-down strike in public buildings, blocking traffic, and so on. People’s tendency
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Unformatted text preview: to participate in politics is strongly related to their socioeconomic status. Education, one component of socioeconomic status, is the single strongest predictor of conventional political participation in the United States. Because of the strong effect of socioeconomic status, the political system is potentially biased toward the interests of higher-status people. All Americans have the right to vote but some American didnt participate in voting. The Chinese people are desired that they can have the right to vote....
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