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CHEN HECHENG Journal 7 From the book, it says the political party is just an organization that sponsors candidates for political office under the organization’s name. Political parties have been performing these functions longer in the United States than in any other country. I learned that the political parties perform four important functions in a political system: nominating candidates, structuring the voting choice, proposing alternative government programs, and coordinating the activities of government officials. In China, the Communist Party
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Unformatted text preview: plays a very special role. There is only one party and the party almost can represent the whole country. During a long time influence by the Communist Party, many Chinese think the Communist Party is China and China is the Communist Party. It is totally wrong. How can a party instead of a country. From this class, I become clearer about the party functions. In personally, I do think the America’s two-party system is better than the China’s one party system....
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