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CHEN HECHENG Journal8 Campaigning has evolved from a party-centered to a candidate-centered process. The successful candidate for public office usually must campaign first to win the party nomination, then to win the general election. Democratic and Republican nominations for president tend not to be decided in the party’s national conventions but are determined in advance through the complex process of selecting delegates pledged to particular candidates. The need to win a majority of votes in the Electoral College structures
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Unformatted text preview: presidential elections. Although a candidate can win a majority of the popular vote but lose in the Electoral College that had not happened in more than one hundred years until 2000. I dont like the Electoral College system because I dont think its fairly. It doesnt show the respect to every vote. On my opinion, the election is just a choice or a decision for all citizens. The election doesnt have to waste so much time, money and social resources. It can be as simple as possible....
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