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journal9 - interest group politics in elections between...

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CHEN HECHENG Journal9 Interest groups play many important roles in our political process. They are a means by which citizens can participate in politics, and they communicate their members’ views to those in government. Interest groups differ greatly in the resources at their disposal and in the tactics they use to influence government. The number of interest groups has grown sharply in recent years. I learned that the interest group is an organized group of individuals that seeks to influence public policy; also called a lobby. The interest group system clearly compromises the principle of political equality stated in the maxim “one person, one vote.” Formal political equality is certainly more likely to occur outside
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Unformatted text preview: interest group politics, in elections between candidates from competing political parties, which better fits the majoritarian model of democracy. Despite the inequities of the interest group system, little direct effort has been made to restrict interest group activity. Madison’s dictum to avoid suppressing political freedoms, even at the expense of permitting interest group activity that promotes the selfish interests of narrow segments of the population, has generally guided public policy. Yet as the problem of PACs and 527s activity remains a thorny issue because there is little consensus on how to balance the conflicting needs of our society....
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