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CHEN HECHENG Journal10 Congress writes the laws of the land and attempts to oversee their implementation. It helps to educate us about new issues as they appear on the political agenda. Most important, members of Congress represent us, working to see to it that interests from home and from around the country are heard throughout the policymaking process. Basically, I don’t know much about Chinese Congress because it is not open to public. The US Congress contains the representation in the House is based on population and each state has two senators. So Americans know who represent them in the Congress. According to the U.S. Constitution, the House of Representatives have power of impeachment: the formal charging of a government official with “treason, bribery, or
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Unformatted text preview: other high crimes and misdemeanors”. And the Senate can vote to convict impeached President or other officials. And the Senate must approve major presidential appointments. Bargaining and compromise play important roles in the congressional policymaking process. Some find this disquieting. They want less deal making and more adherences to principle. I think that there is no clear-cut answer to whether a majoritarian or a pluralist legislative system provides better representation for voters. The system is a mix of pluralism and majoritarianism. It serves minority interests that might otherwise be neglected or even harmed by an unthinking or uncaring majority. At the same time, congressional parties work to represent the broader interests of the American people....
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