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Participation - attending political meetings attending marches leafleting working a phone bank envelope stuffing sponsoring a “tea” or

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Participation Discussion Assignment Consider your experience of political participation and voting. Write about one typed page (20 lines double-spaced Times New Roman type) responding to the following questions. 1. Have you voted in elections? If not, why not? (Was the process too difficult, or did you feel your vote would not matter, or did you feel no candidate deserved support, or what?) If you have voted, have you done so occasionally or regularly? What factors influence your decision on whom you vote for: party policy, or individual qualities of the candidate, or other factors? 2. Have you taken part in unconventional participation: civil disobedience, street theater, public demonstrations, computer protests, boycotts, picketing, etc.? If so, do you think it was effective? If not, have you seen or heard reports of such actions? Do you think they are appropriate? 3 . Have you taken part in conventional political behavior beyond voting: such as
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Unformatted text preview: attending political meetings, attending marches, leafleting, working a phone bank, envelope stuffing, sponsoring a “tea” or “coffee” meeting (not necessarily for the “Tea Party” –other groups also have teas and coffees) , taking part in a caucus, helping to register voters, contributing money to a party, visiting a party website, wearing political buttons, using bumper-stickers or political signs, etc.? Have you seen or heard reports of such actions? Did you think they were effective? 4.. Overall, does your own observation and experience of the political process make you feel that voting and participating in politics is worthwhile? Do you feel you can have a meaningful effect on politics by your actions? Do you feel the American political process is sufficiently open to participation by all?...
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