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Political Party Discussion Assignment Consider your experience of political parties.  Write about one typed page (20 lines double- spaced Times New Roman type) responding to the following questions. 1.  If you are registered to vote, are you registered as a member of a political party, or as an  independent? If you are not registered, is there a political party you favor? 2. Have you always supported the same political party, or have you changed parties? (If you are  independent, have you always been independent?)  If you have changed, why have you  changed?   3.  Have you ever worked for a political party or a candidate, beyond voting for the candidate? If 
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Unformatted text preview: so, what have you done? 4. Do you feel there are important differences between the political parties in the US (or your homeland, if it is not the US). If so, what do you see as the important differences? 5. Are you satisfied with the choices offered by the major political parties, or would you consider supporting a minor party? If you would support a minor party, what kind of minor party would you support? 6. In deciding whom to vote for, which do you think is more important, the character of the candidates or the policies of the parties? Why?...
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