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Week 1 Checkpoint Doug Holt The two departments I selected are accounting and management. I selected these departments due to my opinion that these are two of the most important departments in a business. Just as important as these departments may be, they both still heavily rely on the information system to be able to function at peak capacity. Information systems are vital to both of these departments. In accounting, they will use the information systems to calculate how much a customer’s bill may be or how much the company may owe to a service provider. Accounting relies on the data system to provide this information. Imagine this department having to manually figure this
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Unformatted text preview: information and the time it would require for them to do so. The lack of this information could be potentially lethal to a business. Management relies on information systems to be able to keep in tune with the business they are overseeing. Many times management will be spread amongst the different aspects of running a business that they rely on information systems to determine what decisions that need to make in order to be profitable. They will use information from every department to make these determinations and that is why the information systems are one of the most important tools at their disposal....
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