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Comprehensive Notes Exam I IDEALIST VS REALIST (Star Wars) Idealist brings out the best in the realist Luke Skywalker Embraces the force Fights for good Darth Vader Thrives on dark side Driven by fear, hatred, lust of power Hans Solo Wants to rescue princess for money Chooses to pursue hope of a better galaxy WHAT IS POLITICS? Definition: individual or combined acts of individuals, governments, or groups aimed at getting what they want accomplished when those actions have public consequences. Can be behavior aimed at achieving societal goals or personal ambitions. It is a struggle between the dreamer and the pragmatist. Each political event is unique but to describe it to someone you must work within their cognitive framework. Consequently, people use their own past experiences to understand history (example: alligator tastes like chicken). UTOPIA Definition: an extreme version of an ideal principle or presumption about the world. One person’s utopia could be another’s nightmare. Politics originated with the Greeks who said the purpose of the state was to obtain their version of utopia 1. Plato Idealist Started Western political thought Argued against the majority getting its way 2. Aristotle Argued everything works toward a specific end—telos (human telos = happiness); Said it was natural for humans to form associations because man is a political animal 3. Machiavelli Darth Vader of political theory—only realist??? Felt theory ought to be based on the manner in which people actually live and the
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EXAM REVIEW 1 - POLS 207 Comprehensive Notes Exam I...

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