Lecture Two

Lecture Two - Ex Palestine and the Gaza iraq—shiites...

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Collective action: coordinated group activity…the essence of government…designed to achieve a common goal (keep other cavemen away from rice plants) ex: a bug’s life Security Can refer to the Chinese having missiles at a country that no longer feels secure Linus feels safe with his blanket Walking from the parking garage at night State security: the protection of borders Regime security: a leader’s ability to maintain security (Hopper) National security: the protection of the interests or survival of ethnic groups (ethnic groups clash…if it spreads across borders it is international)
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Unformatted text preview: Ex: Palestine and the Gaza; iraq—shiites sunnis & cur… Individual security Power: Palestinian boy stopped Chinese tanks Authority: you have control over someone else’s actions Anarchy: the absence of any kind of authority Groups in Texas 1990s: population change was exceptional 1. population reaches 3.9 million 2. ½ of population is immigrants 3. minorities have become majority group 4. biggest population increase in state’s history 5. urban cities—downtown Houston/dallas/san Antonio 6. population getting older—demand for health care/medicare 7....
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