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Final Review Ch. 9: International Finance Markets 1. Define International Capital Markets . 2. Define debt and equity. 3. What is an offshore financial center? 4. What is a booking center? 5. What is the Foreign Exchange Market ? 6. Define “Currency Conversion, Hedging, Arbitrage, and Speculation.” Ch. 10: International Monetary System 1. How do exchange rates impact business activities? 2. What are the Law of One Price and Purchasing Power Parity ? 3. What is the Fisher Effect ? 4. What are the two views on forecasting exchange rates? 5. What is the Gold Standard ? 6. What is the Pegged Exchange rate? Ch. 11: 1. Define and discuss planning and strategy for international business. 2. Discuss international strategy at the overall, corporate, business and departmental levels. Ch. 12: 1. What are the four steps for screening potential markets? 2. What are the problems with conducting International Research?
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 13: Selecting and managing entry modes 1. Define exporting. 2. List and discuss the four types of contractual entry modes. 3. List and discuss the three types of investment entry modes. Ch. 14: Developing and marketing products 1. List and discuss the types of product policies. 2. List and discuss the pricing strategies. 3. What is reinvestment and divestment? When would companies use these strategies? Ch. 16: International human resource management 1. List and discuss the types of international staffing policies. 2. What is culture shock and reverse culture shock? 3. List and discuss the sources of human resources. 4. What is a job analysis and job description? 5. What types of training and development are important in international human resources?...
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