Session 9(1)

Session 9(1) - Cooperative Strategies 4.13.1 Joint Ventures...

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MGMT 480 SESSION 9 LONG-TERM OBJECTIVES, GENERIC AND GRAND STRATEGIES 1 Long Term Objectives 1.1 Areas For Lt Objectives 1.2 Attributes Of Effective Lt Objectives 2 The Balanced Scorecard 2.1 Defined 2.2 Four Sets of Measures 3 Business Level/ Competitive Strategies 3.1 Importance 2.2 Relationship Between Generic And Grand Strategies 4 Generic Competitive Strategies 4.1 Cost Leadership 4.2 Differentiation 4.3 Focus/Niche 4.3.1 Focused Cost Leadership 4.3.2 Focused Differtiation 4.3.3 Integrated Cost Leadership/Differentiation 5 Grand Strategies 5.1 Concentrated Growth 5.2 Market Development 5.3 Product Development 5.4 Innovation 5.5 Horizontal Integration 5.6 Vertical Integration 5.7 Concentric Diversification 5.8 Conglomerate Diversification 5.9 Turnaround 5.10 Divestiture . 5.11 Liquidation 5.12 Bankruptcy 5.13
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Unformatted text preview: Cooperative Strategies 4.13.1 Joint Ventures 4.13.2 Strategic Alliances 4.13.3 Consortia, Keiretsus, Chaebols Assignment 7 Due 10/06/09 For the industry in which your case company competes, 1) Discuss examples of rivals following each of the three generic strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, focus) or explain why you don’t find evidence of generic strategies in the industry. 2) Identify five examples of companies deploying one of the grand strategies discussed above (concentrated growth, market development, product development,…). If you cannot identify actual examples then develop hypothetical examples for five different grand strategies. (one to two typed pages double spaced)....
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Session 9(1) - Cooperative Strategies 4.13.1 Joint Ventures...

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