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MGMT 480 SESSION 5 THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: GENERAL/ROMOTE, INDUSTRY/COMPETITIVE AND DIRECT/OPERATING ENVIRONMENT 1 Remote/General Factors (Industry (not company) Specific 1.1 Economic Factors/Trends 1.2 Social/Demographic Factors/Trends 1.3 Political/Regulatory Factors/Issues/Pending Legislation 1.4 Technological Trends/Factors (Emerging Technologies) 1.5 Ecological Trends/Factors 2 The Industry Environment/Industry Analysis (Industry Specific) 2.1 Competition Defined 2.2 Competitive Forces 2.2.1 Threat Of Entry
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Unformatted text preview: 2.2.2 Powerful Suppliers 2.2.3 Powerful Buyers 2.2.4 Substitute Products 2.2.5 Competitive Rivalry Among Existing Firms 2.3 Industry And Competitive Analysis 2.3.1 Industry Boundaries 2.3.2 Industry Structure 2.3.3 Identifying Competitor/Rival Firms 2.3.4 Major Determinants Of Competitive Structure 3 The Direct/Operating Environment (Now it goes Company Specific) 3.1 Competitive Position 3.2 Customer Profiles 3.3 Suppliers 3.4 Creditors 3.5 Human Resources 3.6 Political/Legal...
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