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MGMT 480 SESSION 2: THE STRATEGY PROCESS 1 Levels Of Strategy 1.1 Corporate 1.2 Business 1.3 Functional 2 Components of the Strategic Management Process 2.1 Formulation 2.1.1 Situational analysis Mission External Environmental Analysis Internal Analysis: Company Strengths and Weaknesses Profile 2.1.2 Long Term Objectives 2.1.3 Strategy Analysis and Choice Corporate Level: Domestic and International Business Level: Generic and Grand Strategies Cooperative Strategies 2.2 Implementation 2.2.1 Short Term/Annual Objective 2.2.2 Short Term Strategies/Tactics 2.2.3 Institutionalization: Policies that empower action Culture Structure Leadership
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Unformatted text preview: Reward Systems 2.3 Strategic Control and Continuous Improvement ASSIGNMENT 4 Due 1/0202/11 For any business that operates in York County, obtain and evaluate the mission statement ( ) in terms of the key ingredients that are described in Chapter 2 as essential to a well-developed mission statement. If you find that a business does not have a mission statement, develop one. Suggested length < 2 typed dbl spaced pages. 1. Basic Product or Service; Primary Market; Principal Technology 2. Company Goals 3. Company Philosophy 4. Public Image 5. Company Self Concept...
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