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Session 1(1) - changes in the products or services provided...

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MGMT 480 SESSION 1 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND THE STRATEGY PROCESS The Integrative Core Sequence: BADM180, ACCT 280, MKTG 380, MGMT 480 Course Subject Matter Orientation 1 Business Policy Paradigm 1.1 Ford Foundation 1.2 Post WWII Expansion 1.3 Efficiency Oriented 1.4 What’s Missing? 1.5 The Paradigm Shift 2 The Key Idea 2.1 Entrepreneurial Aspect Of Business 2.2 Must Consider Health Of Key Idea(S) First 3 The Strategic Management Paradigm 3.1 The Continuous Search For Key Ideas 3.2 Effectiveness Then Efficiency 3.3 Policy Comes Later ASSIGNMENT 1 – DUE 1/13/11: Review the comprehensive cases (Section B pages 7-1 through 30-19) in your text and list your top 5 preferences in order of priority by case number and title. ASSIGNMENT 2 – DUE 1/18/11: Identify a company that has seen a major transformation in its key idea since its founding. In other words identify a company that now provides products or services far removed from its original business heritage. So in one page state the company name, its original product or service, the company name at the time (if different) and the major shifts or
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Unformatted text preview: changes in the products or services provided by the company today. Youre looking for a company that competes in significantly different industries than it did in yesteryears. ASSIGNMENT 3 - DUE 1/18/11: For the coming semester develop a strategic plan (Two to three typed double-spaced pages). 1. Describe your current situation: your mission, your personal strengths, your personal weaknesses, external opportunities, and external threats. 2. Set a dominant semester objective and sub-objectives in terms of academic, personal, and professional accomplishment. Be specific. 3. State your primary strategies (general plans of action) in each of the three areas. 4. Develop a list of specific tactics (things to be done on a daily/weekly basis) that you will utilize to implement these strategies. 5. List the primary measures that you will use to monitor your pursuit of the objectives....
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Session 1(1) - changes in the products or services provided...

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