Chapter_2_Notes - The Major Dilemma Equivalence versus...

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Chapter 2: Portraying Earth The purpose of Chapter Two is twofold: To describe the basic characteristics of maps, including their capabilities and limitations as tools for geographic study; To describe the various ways a landscape can be portrayed—through map projections, globes, photographs, and remotely sensed imagery. Maps are the most important and universal of the various tools used in geographic studies. Mapping of any geographic feature is normally essential to understand the spatial distributions and relationships of that feature. TOPICS The Nature of Maps Map Scale Scale Types Graphic Map Scales Fractional Map Scales Verbal Map Scales Large and Small Scale Maps Map Essentials Title Date Legend Scale Direction Location Data Source Projection Type The Role of Globes Map Projections
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Unformatted text preview: The Major Dilemma: Equivalence versus Conformality Equivalence Conformality Families of Map Projections Cylindrical Projections Mercator: The Most Famous Projection Plane Projections Conic Projections Pseudocylindrical Projections Interrupted Projections Isolines GPS—The Global Positioning System Wide Angle Augmentation System (WAAS) Continuously Operating GPS Reference Stations (CORS) GPS Applications Remote Sensing Aerial Photographs Orthophoto Maps Visible Light and Infrared Sensing Thermal Infrared Sensing Microwave Sensing Multispectral Remote Sensing Landsat Earth Observing System Satellites Commercial High Resolution Sensing Satellites Radar and Sonar Sensing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Tools of the Geographer...
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Chapter_2_Notes - The Major Dilemma Equivalence versus...

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