C++_Exam_Outline - LECTURE1Notes: Whatisaprogram?

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LECTURE 1 Notes: -What is a program? -Encoding? Binary to Base 10 and vise versa -Basic Computer architecture (i.e. memory allocation) -Skeleton of C++ Program (i.e. why include it) -Comments, Expressions, Statements -Basic Input/Output and Output formatting -Program Development Process (i.e. all 4 steps) -Data Types -Identifiers -Operators (i.e. relational, logical, increment/decrement) LECTURE 1 Example: Binary to Base 10 Identifiers: No weird symbols, spaces, or numbers first. Type Checking: Check if the data types give you the data type answer u want. Input/Output: cout<< ; cin>> Operations: Relational: <;>;=<;>=
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C++_Exam_Outline - LECTURE1Notes: Whatisaprogram?

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