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1 14:440:127– Introduction to Computers for Engineers Preliminary Tutorial Rutgers University, Spring 2011 Instructor - Brenda V. Cortez 1 Creating Directories for Your Programs 1. Go to the Start Menu and open up a folder explorer and navigate to your J: drive, which will have your name next to it and press on it. 2. In your J: drive create a folder called ICEspring2011 and go into this folder. 3. Inside ICEspring2011 create two folders, one titled CPP Files and another called MATLAB Files . Do not forget the underscores. 2 Working on engsoft Server 2.1 Connecting to the engsoft Server 1. Go to Start Menu>All Programs>SSH Secure Shell>Secure Shell Client . 2. Find the Quick Connect button in the SSH window and press on it. 3. When the Connect to Remote Host window pops-up, enter the following and leave everything else as is: Host Name: dsv.rutgers.edu Username: your_net_id 4. You may be prompted with another window, just answer “Yes” . Either way, when you are prompted for your password, enter the engineering password you were assigned. 2.2 Navigating to your Programs Directory 1. Once you are logged in, type into the terminal ls , which is the Linux command that will list the files in your current directory, and press enter . Look at what you have, there should only be one directory called pc . 2. Type in cd , the Linux command used to change directory , and the name of the directory you want to change to, namely pc . You should have typed in your screen cd pc , then press enter . This will change your directory and now you will be in the pc directory. 3. The pc directory is your J: drive, and you have already created a directory called ICEspring2011 in it. Change your directory to this ( cd ICEspring2011 ).
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2 4. Now you want to change directory again, but this time go into the folder called CPP_Files that is in ICEspring2011 . So change your directory to this. 5. At any time, you can type ls and press enter to list the contents of your current directory, so do this when you are unsure if there is a directory with the name you have in mind.
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