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notes 3 - Not a monologue – imposing beliefs Speeches –...

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Communication Public Speaking Lecture by Christine Moore Listening Hearing – physiological response Listening – active, cognitive process Feedback lope – successful speakers adjust their messages based on reactions from listeners in a circular response Competent listeners More successful relationships Professional success Problem solvers Engaged citizens Learners Components of listening process Mindfulness Physical reception of communication Selective reception of communication Organizing perceived communication Interpreting communication Responding nonverbally to others Remembering communication Selective perception Pay attention to one message over another Attention to message based on importance, relevance and level of understanding Dialogic communication Speaker and listener must create meaning together
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Unformatted text preview: Not a monologue – imposing beliefs Speeches – dialogues-speakers and listeners share ideas collaboratively, both take an active role in the process Critical thinking Ability to evaluate claims on the basis of well-supported reasons Audience members should evaluate the evidence for accuracy or credibility Pay attention to assumptions and biases; overgeneralizations – unreasonable and unsupported conclusions Engaged-analyzing Evaluating messages Honest and fair Open to other viewpoints Consider speech as whole Style of delivery adjustment Be compassionate Provide constructive feedback Factors that have reduced listening skills Fast paced life Media outlets – passive listening Instant gratification Commercials – “mini-messages”...
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  • Spring '09
  • ChristineMoore
  • Dialogic communication Speaker, physiological response Listening, Christine Moore Listening, listening Instant gratification, communication Selective reception

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notes 3 - Not a monologue – imposing beliefs Speeches –...

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