notes 6 - Functions Signals speech coming to an end...

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Communication Public Speaking Lecture by Christine Moore Developing the Introduction Writing it Body after – working outline Plan ahead – effective delivery Functions Group attention Prepare audience Introduce topic Preview main points Motivate – your goals Order Intro Attention-Getter These Credibility Preview Ways to gain attention Compelling quotation Tell engaging story Pose a question Shock with statistics Humor – tell a joke Refer to occasion Establish common ground Create relevance Why does your audience care? Why is it relevant? What has it inspired? Establish credibility Relate topic to yourself Why – personal experience Simple statement Ethical appeals
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Preview main points Thesis statement Tell audience what points are Guidelines Body part first Research material you can use as attention-getter Intro brief 15% - main is in body Time when practicing Keep revising Developing the conclusion After body and introduction Planning/practice makes a good impression Finish strong (memorable)
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Unformatted text preview: Functions Signals speech coming to an end Provides closure Challenges audience to respond in some way Summarize main points Reiterates the most important idea of your speech Order Forewarning and review Indicate most important idea Strong closing statement Signal the close of the speech Forewarning – type of signpost Demonstrating to audience – that speech is coming to an end Signal close – say your last few Sentences – no new information Summarizing your main points Challenge audience to respond Can use it their daily life Perceptions shaped/more knowledge Motivate to respond End it in a memorable way Quotation, poem, song lyric A story that finishes… Pose rhetorical question Startling closing statement Link back to intro-feeling-coming full circle Guidelines Full sentence Research material you can use Keep brief – 15% 1 min. and a half Timing conclusion Revise, revise, revise...
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notes 6 - Functions Signals speech coming to an end...

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