notes 5 - “virtual tour” Speeches of explanation...

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Communication Public Speaking Lecture by Christine Moore The Informative Speaking Objectives Communicate knowledge (teach) Raise audience awareness Provide additional information Shape perceptions Demonstrate – how it works Describe an event Types Objects or phenomena About: People Events Processes Issues Complex concepts Speeches of definition Illustrating root or historical meanings Explain what it does Describing what it is not Providing concrete examples of it Comparing it with something it is like Speeches of demonstration How-to-using objects, models, or diagrams to demonstrate the process Choose topics that are unusual Speeches of description Variety of details that paint mental pictures Offer vivid portrayals
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Unformatted text preview: “virtual tour” Speeches of explanation Descriptions of persons, places, or things, reasons, or causes Relationships Interpretation and analysis Reduce confusion Define jargon Diagrams – models to describe process Extra detail on contradicts unknown Organize Choose appropriate speech pattern Organize main points appropriately Match to visual aids Matching speech type and pattern Objects – spatial or topical People – topical, narrative, or chronological Events – topical, chronological, causal, narrative Processes – chronological, spatial, or casual Concepts – topical, casual, or circular Issues – topical, chronological, causal, circular...
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notes 5 - “virtual tour” Speeches of explanation...

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