notes 1 - with your listeners Gender stereotyping Gender...

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Communication Public Speaking Lecture by Christine Moore Audience Analysis Process of gathering and analyzing info, aim of adapting your message Audience centered approach Maintain your listeners attention through interests and background Don’t abandon convictions on topic in order to reach your audience – pondering undermines your credibility Identify listener disposition Uncover feelings or expectations Topic of speech You as the speaker The speech occasion (just like you – relate to your audience, expectations for the occasion, timing too) Demographic characteristics Age Socioeconomic status Religious/political Gender Disability Cultural/ethnic background Target audience Individuals most likely to be influenced by your message Product marketers – demographic data design commercial ads Generational identity – impacts what examples, TV shows or songs will connect
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Unformatted text preview: with your listeners Gender stereotyping Gender – male or female Psychological understanding Sexist language – casts male or females into stereotyped roles Cultural differences Influenced behavior patterns Hofstede’s Value Dimensions Model Individualism vs. collectivism High/low uncertainty avoidance High/low power distance Masculine vs. feminine Long/short – term time orientation Lewis’ Cultural Types Model Linear active cultures – systematic Multi-active – people-oriented Reactive – accommodating, slow to take action Techniques for analyzing Interviews Surveys Observation Published sources already analyzed Analyze speech setting Size of audience (interaction) Location/physical setting Time of day Length of speech Rhetorical situation/context...
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notes 1 - with your listeners Gender stereotyping Gender...

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