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Ryerson Univsrsity, Dspartrnent of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MEC613 Machine Design I 81005 Term Test' I l0 Minutes in Duration The test consists of five questions. Marks for each question are given in square blackets. You may uso the fotlowing materials as aids during the test: (i) any non-commtmicating calculators, (ii) lechue notes, (iii) solutions to assignment problems, and (iv) the text book or formulas, chaxts and tables ftom other sources. Ql [20 marks] Whor holes, fillets and lrotches are present in machine elenents, th€ stresses in regions near the changes in geometry are much larger thalr the nominal stress values calculated without the presence of the irregularities. The effect is often evaluated with the help of stress concentrution factor (,K), which is defined as the ratio of the maximum (normal or shear) stless to dre nominal (Dormal or shear) strcss. Using th€ chad or values ofstress conceohation factor following machine elements under the givel nominal stresses or loads in accordalc€ with fh. rlsrimrlrn sheaste-safdlG t[eofi vaterials for all elemeots are made ofAISI l04o (annealed, yield stength = 353 MPa). (i) A plate ofinfinite dimensions under unixaxial stress: d.= 5 mm, & = 3, o = 200 MPa [8] (ii) A plate of infinite dimensions rmder pure shear. d = 5 mm, & - 4, I = 80 MPa [8] a o r (iit Round shaff with shoulder fillet in bending: M= 10 Nrn, D = 13 mm, d = 10 mm' r = 1.0 mm. [4] The nominal bending-induc€d normal stess is calculated using o = Mc/I, c = d/2,1= 1td'/64. a
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Q2 [25 marks] A shaft is designed to tra!.sfer pow€r of 15 kW ftom a pulley to propel a compressor. The operating speed of the shaft is 1800 rpm. ln the preliminary design, the shaft material is chosel to be AISI 1030
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2005mec613test - RyersonUnivsrsity Dspartrnentof...

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