Exam 4 and fin - Bio 2 02.02 Erster Exam 4 Final M ay 1 2,2010 E xam 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the o ne a lternative t hat b est c ompletes t he s

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.... Bio 202.02 (Erster) Exam 4 & Final May 12,2010 Exam 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers question. epressor to block transcription of trp operon, trepressor must'_J--+::--- A) bin e inducer B) bind to RNA polymerase C) the enhancer D) promoter E) to tryptophan. 2) ~gy has led to all of following except. . . . \) 'J. ~roducts with higher nutritional value such as casein-enriched milk and vitamin A-enriched rice. ~crobes that can clean up environment by recovering heavy metals from industrial wastes. C) ability to determine DNA sequence of extinct organisms such as Neanderthal man woolly mammoth. D) reproductive cloning of primates crops are resistant to insects, frost, salinity, herbicides. rttPNA. '\l"- 3~bosomes can attach to prokaryotic messenger RNA . 1"-. ..... A) only after transcript has been capped polyadenylated L7 B) only after the introns have removed C) only after the transcript been exported cytoplasm D) before transcription is complete. \\. 4) HiW4evels gluc~se inhibit ~anscription lac operon __ _ I~ reducing f!1e levels intracellular cAMP. B) binding the CAP protein .q activating adenylyl cyclase. strengthening the lac repressor operator . . ch the following is most likely to a small protein called ubiquitin attached to it? ¥6tc/f'p,~! A) an mRNA produced egg cell will be retained until after fettiliiation a cell surface protein requires transport from the E,R C) a regulatory p-rotein.that requires sugar residues attached D) is leaving nucleus to translated a cyclin acts in G2, now the cell is in M Pagel
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V Bio 202.02 (Erster) Exam 4 &. Final May 12.2010 Exam 4 ]JJ:;:J-:: :3 t '. D6) HIV therapies: which of the following, if any, is correct? Lf'7- 1-2- \ Y A) AZf interferes with the proteolytic cleavage of HIV proteins ;- A:: B) Integrase inhibitors block the interaction between HIV envelope glycoproteins and r ~ the CD4 receptor C) Fusion inhibitors block the insertion of the HIV -encoded glycoproteins into the host cell plasma membrane D) all of the above are correct E) none of the above are correct 7) Although the expression of most genes in prokaryotes is ~ regulated, some genes ~ . are e~pressed at roughly cons . . constitutively). Which of the following genes r ~d you predict to onstitutivel ex resse . genes involved in the degradation of arabinose, a sugar genes that that code for ribosomal RNAs C) genes involved the transport of the sugar maltose D) genes involved the biosynthesis of the amino acid tryptophan , e functioning of enhancers is an example of .. transcriptional control of gene expression. ~ __ the stimulation of translation by initiation factors. a post-transcriptional mechanism for editing rnRNA. N1: post-translational control of protein activity conformation 9) Using A as a template for protein synthesis instead of translating proteins directly f/ fro e DNA is advantageous for the cell because V . ) rnRNA molecules are subject to mutation but DNA is not. only one rnRNA molecule can be transcribed from a single gene, lowering the potential rate of gene expression.
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Exam 4 and fin - Bio 2 02.02 Erster Exam 4 Final M ay 1 2,2010 E xam 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the o ne a lternative t hat b est c ompletes t he s

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