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Student performances I want to get this out of the way first, Tuesday night’s class was the most fun I have had this year in any class. I think each performance was really good, I also feel that almost every group got the furry theme. My favorite performance had to be the one with the students playing the emotions of the person in whose head they were inside (I don’t know the group letter or the name of the piece sorry). I feel they did a very good job oh not just portraying furry as an emotion but the other emotions (happiness, depression, etc.). Even going as far as to fight amongst themselves to see who would be the dominate emotion in that person, only adding more furry to the piece. I liked how they used the director as part of the play as well, using him as the person to who these emotions belonged to, and yelling at his emotions to get back into his head. I thought it was a clever way to restore “calm” to the play instead of just ending it or some emotion coming out on top of the others. There was one piece though I did not feel captured the theme
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