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1exam - 1 In the year 2000 the population of the world was...

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1. In the year 2000, the population of the world was about ________ billion people. a. 3.1 b. 4.1 c. 5.1 d. 6.1 2. The question: "What businesses should our firm be in?" is a fundamental question in designing what type of strategy? a. Corporate b. SBU c. Business d. Tactical 3. Which type of objective does "return on investment" represent? a. Competitive position b. Productivity c. Customer patronage d. Profitability 4. Applying the categorical imperative requires the marketing manager to determine the universal wrong that is possible by his action if everyone in business did that action. True False 5. Which of the following activities are typical activities for intermediaries that assist a U.S. company to engage in international marketing activities? a. Paperwork documentation b. Financing activities c. Transportation activities d. All of the above 6.
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Foreign direct investors in the U.S. can hurt the local economy in the U.S. in which they invest their funds. True False 7. When a researcher randomly selects colleges in Missouri, and then randomly selects seniors from these colleges, this is an example of ________ sampling.
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