Unit 3-1 Risk Analysis [Compatibility Mode]

Unit 3-1 Risk Analysis [Compatibility Mode] - 1 Unit 3:Risk...

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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/2010 1 Unit 3 :Risk Analysis Unit 3 :Risk Analysis Part 1 Click Here To Start Audio Risk Analysis Risk Analysis c Vulnerability Analysis - Bishop Chapter 23 c DoD Threat Analysis c Microsoft’s Threat Analysis c Common Criteria ◦ Threat Analysis ◦ Security Policies ◦ Security Objectives Flaw Hypothesis Methodology Flaw Hypothesis Methodology c Information Gathering c Flaw Hypothesis c Flaw Testing c Flaw Generation Bishop, Chapter 23 12/19/2010 2 Vulnerability Tiger Teams Vulnerability Tiger Teams c Very Effective Tool c Should be Targeted c Penetration Studies (e.g. RISOS) would tell us to target: ◦ Integration Points ◦ Documented Don’t Do’s ◦ Install/Config Errors Vulnerability Testing Vulnerability Testing Demonstrates Design Problems Demonstrates Design Problems c Implementation Problems are the Source of Many Vulnerabilities c Hackers Will Find Them c Read the Examples in Bishop Chapter 23 ◦ Internet Worm of 1988 ◦ Xterm Security Flaws ◦ NT Security Flaws...
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Unit 3-1 Risk Analysis [Compatibility Mode] - 1 Unit 3:Risk...

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