Unit 3-2 Risk Analysis [Compatibility Mode]

Unit 3-2 Risk Analysis [Compatibility Mode] - Unit 3 Risk...

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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/2010 Unit 3: Risk Analysis Part 2 Click Here To Start Audio Microsoft Security Risk Management Discipline Nine Steps as outlined in Securing Windows 2000 Server ◦ Asset Assessment and valuation ◦ Identifying security risks ◦ Analyzing and Prioritizing Security Risks ◦ Security Risk Tracking ◦ Security Remediation Development ◦ Security Remediation Testing ◦ Capturing Security Knowledge ◦ Reassessing new and changed assets and security risks ◦ Stabilizing and deploying new or changed countermeasures. Threat Assessment Focus on Security Services ◦ Confidentiality ◦ Integrity ◦ Availability Recommends Policy Review 1 12/19/2010 Threat Analysis Threat Motives + Exploit Methods + Asset Vulnerabilities = Attack Risk Planning Proactive Strategy ◦ Determine Damage ◦ Determine Vulnerabilities ◦ Minimize Vulnerabilities ◦ Implement Countermeasures Reactive Strategy ◦ Limit the Damage ◦ Assess the Damage ◦ Determine the Cause ◦ Repair the Damage Contingency Plan Alternative Plan developed in case attack is successful. ◦ Who must do what, when, and where in order to keep organization running ◦ Be rehearsed ◦ Cover Restoring ◦ Cover Procedures to Move Production Servers to Another Location. ◦ Include a Post-Mortem 2 12/19/2010 Consequence Risk Statements (Securing (Securing Windows 2000 Server) 3 ...
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Unit 3-2 Risk Analysis [Compatibility Mode] - Unit 3 Risk...

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