Unit 6-1 Integrity Model [Compatibility Mode]

Unit 6-1 Integrity Model [Compatibility Mode] - 12/19/2010...

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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/2010 1 Unit 6: Integrity Models Unit 6: Integrity Models Part 1 Click Here to Start Audio Security Services Security Services (NSTISSI 4011) (NSTISSI 4011) c Confidentiality - protection from disclosure c Integrity -Quality of Information c Availability - information is available when needed NSTISSI 4011 NSTISSI 4011 c Data integrity is a matter of degree that has to be defined as a quality of the information and not as who does/does not have access to it. c Integrity is that quality of information that identifies how closely the data represent reality. 12/19/2010 2 Integrity Integrity c Data Integrity - Quality, correctness, authenticity, and accuracy of information stored within an information system. c System Integrity - successful and correct operation of information resources. Summers, C.Rita, Computer Security: Threats and Safeguards New York McGraw Hill, 1997 Integrity Goals Integrity Goals c Preventing Unauthorized Users from Making Modifications c Maintaining Internal/External Consistency Inventory records reflect actual...
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Unit 6-1 Integrity Model [Compatibility Mode] - 12/19/2010...

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