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Unit 7-1 Audit [Compatibility Mode] - Unit 7 Audit and...

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12/19/2010 1 Unit 7: Audit and Intrusion Detection Part 1 Click Here to Start Audio Audit Control Objectives Audit Control Objectives - TCSEC circle5 TCSEC - Required at C2 and above. circle5 “…access and evaluate accountability information by a secure means, within a reasonable amount of time, without undue difficulty.” circle5 “…provide authorized personnel with the ability to audit any action that can potentially cause access to, generation of, or effect the release of classified or sensitive information.” Audit Systems circle5 Audit Trail - A list of events that might contain records of security violations. circle5 Two Categories of Use ◦ Forensics: Detecting extent and responsibility of damage after an attack. ◦ Intrusion Detection: Detecting an ongoing attack.
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12/19/2010 2 Anatomy of an Auditing System System - Chapter 24 Chapter 24 Logger Analyzer Notifier Sanitizer Audit Considerations 1) Is benefit of collecting information worth the impact on performance?
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