Unit 8-1 Assurances [Compatibility Mode]

Unit 8-1 Assurances [Compatibility Mode] - Unit 8...

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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/2010 Unit 8: Assurances Part 1 Click Here to Start Audio Assurance Policy Define Expectation Justification through assurance evidence and approvals Executable entities designed to meet requirements Assurance Mechanisms “Computer Security: Art and Science”, Matt Bishop Implementations Don’t Always Reflect Intent Flaws in Implementation Overlooked Requirements Unintentional Side-Effects Intentional Deviations Operation Errors Incomplete Fixes 1 12/19/2010 TCSEC Fundamental Security Requirement 5: Assurance “The computer system must contain hardware/software mechanisms that can be independently evaluated to provide sufficient assurance that the system enforces requirements 1-4 *. ….must be clearly documented such that it is possible to independently examine the evidence to evaluate their sufficiency.” *1)Security Policy, 2)Marking, 3)Identification, 4)Accountability. Common Criteria Model CC Focus on Vulnerabilities Eliminated - Active steps to expose, remove or neutralize. Minimize - Active steps to reduce to acceptable level the impact of exercise of a vulnerability Monitored - Exercise of the vulnerability will be detected to limit damage [CC Part 3 Section 1.2.2] 2 12/19/2010 CC Causes of Vulnerabilities Requirements - Design Phase Construction - Doesn’t meet specs and/or introduced as a result of poor constructional standards Operation: Inadequate Controls upon the operation. [CC Part 3 Section] 3 ...
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Unit 8-1 Assurances [Compatibility Mode] - Unit 8...

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