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Unformatted text preview: TECH 7350 Managing Information Security The Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas TECH 7350 MANAGING INFORMATION MANAGING INFORMATION SECURITY SECURITY Sandra Blanke, Ph.D., CISSP The Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas Unit 5 Unit 5 - Part 2: Part 2: Physical Security Physical Security 2 Computer & Equipment Rooms Computer Rooms Data centers, server rooms and wiring closets should be located in the core areas of a facility not on the top floor or basements Near wiring distribution centers No access from stairways, corridors restrooms Access control mechanisms should be smart card readers, biometric readers or combination locks One entry point for emergencies only w/sound alarm if opened 3 Data Processing Center Construction Away from water pipes Vents & ducts from the HVAC should be protected with barrier bars Positive air pressure (so that no contaminants are sucked into the room and into the computer fans Portable fire extinguishers should be located close to the equipment and should be easy to see and access Smoke detectors or fire sensors should be implemented and water sensors placed under the raised floors TECH 7350 Managing Information Security The Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas 4 Protecting Assets The main threats that physical security components combat are: Theft Interruptions to services Physical damage Compromised systems Environment integrity Unauthorized access Real Loss the cost to replace the stolen items, the negative effect on productive, the negative effect on reputation and customer confidence, feeds for consultants, cost to restore lost data and production levels Laptop Theft Stolen to gain sensitive data for identify theft crimes Safes commonly used to store backup data tapes and original contracts 5 Electric Power Backup Protection Three main methods of protecting against power problems: UPS Systems Power Line Conditioners/Power regulators (condition the line to keep voltage steady and clean) Backup Sources Online UPS use AC line voltage to charge a bank of batteries. This device is able to quickly detect when a power failure takes place. Picks up the load after a power failure. Standby UPS device is inactive until a power line fails (small delay may occur when switching from primary power to a standby UPS Backup power supplies are necessary when there is a power failure and the outage will last longer than a UPS. Backup supplies an be another electrical substation or a motor generator 6 Electric Power Issues Clean Power power supply contains no interferences or voltage fluctuations Power transient noise is disturbance imposed on the power line that causes electrical interference Interference Types: EMI Electromagnetic interference (lightening, electrical motors, current difference between wires) RFI Radio Frequency Interference (electrical system mechanisms and...
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unit_5_p2_tech_7350_c6 - TECH 7350 Managing Information...

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