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Robert Stevens BISM 4800 Assignment – Chapter 1 Intro to PM Review Questions 1-20 1. The factors that have the biggest impact on IT projects are size, complexity, and the number of projects. 2. The key differences between IT projects and projects in other disciplines are that IT changes quickly (uniqueness and complexity), creating a shortage in the required IT skill sets (rate of change in requirements). Higher turnover rate of IT workers (knowledgeable, and in demand; competition amongst companies). Difficulty in accurate customer requirements and of visualizing software for the developer and customer (knowledge level of what the user or customer really wants). There is also a need for testing all possible states of software (keeping up with software competition and changes) and constant training of team members to keep up with current technology. 3. The changes that the IT professionals and organizations are making because of the differences are their approach to the projects, and organizational changes to become leaner, adaptable, and able to handle change. This means that they are moving to a more scheduled/structured model for project management. 4. The potential advantages to this is that organizations can see: a. Improvements in customer satisfaction b. Better cost performance and higher ROI c. Better schedule performance, allocation of time commitments, utilization of resources and higher productivity d. Increased quality, reducing rework, and increased delivering-required features 5. The earliest tools and techniques used by project managers were having separate technical and project managers by which they defined roles, tools, and processes to achieve specified or pre-determined goals in the 1940s and 50s. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) was a tool developed to analyze time taken to complete tasks, in turn determined the total time taken for total project. The network diagram like todays Microsoft project used to show this, and later PERT included work breakdown structure (WBS) to enhance hierarchical tree structure of tasks and deliverables. The DuPont Corporation developed The
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Critical Path Method (CPM) around the same time as PERT that identifies set of tasks performed in sequence, that total the longest overall duration of time. The
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Ch1IntrotoPM_Assignment_RobStevens - Robert Stevens BISM...

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