F10HW9-CH7 - HOMEWORK WEEK 9 CHAPTER 7 7.2 The relationship...

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HOMEWORK WEEK 9 CHAPTER 7 7.2 The relationship among the different characteristics of light waves is c = νλ , where ν is the frequency (Hz), λ is the wavelength (m), and c is the speed of light (m/s). As Hz is the same as /s (or s -1 ), it is seen that νλ has the units of m/s, i.e. of speed. C is constant, so ν and λ are inversely proportional to each other. 7.5 Photoelectric effect is the term applied to the ejection of electrons from the surface of a metal or from other materials when light shines on it. Electrons are only ejected when the frequency (or energy) of light is larger than a certain minimum, or threshold, value that is constant for each metal. If the light has an energy equal to or greater than this minimum value, then it will eject one electron from the metal surface. The experiments measured the frequency of the incident light. It was then concluded, by Einstein, that light must have energy , which is directly proportional to the frequency, and that light gives up its energy in packets, called photons. 7.10 Emission of a photon occurs when an electron in a higher energy level undergoes a transition to a lower energy level. The energy lost by the electron is converted into light energy and is emitted as a photon. 7.13 The square of a wave function equals the probability of finding an electron within a region of space. The wavefunction maps out the shape of the electron cloud. 7.18 An s orbital has a spherical shape. A p orbital has two lobes of electron density positioned along a straight line through the nucleus (a dumbbell shape). 7.20 The answer is (a). According to c = λ . ν , with c being a constant , as wavelength increases, frequency must decrease and vice versa, i.e. these are inversely proportional. Thus I is correct, but III is not. According to E = h.
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F10HW9-CH7 - HOMEWORK WEEK 9 CHAPTER 7 7.2 The relationship...

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