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Chem 0110 Fall 2010: Final Lab Exam - Review Suggestions The Lab final exam will consist of five questions, each of a different type. These are listed below, with example questions and student responses. 1. Describing an experimental technique to measure a given quantity. 2. Analyzing or discussing some data, similar to an item in a lab report. You may also be asked to describe observations, and give explanations and draw conclusions. 3. Analyzing or discussing some data using procedures or algorithms discussed in lecture. 4. Applying a lab technique or analysis method to a new situation 5. Using correct sig. figs, and consideration of accuracy and precision Example 1. This is an example of "describing an experimental technique". Describe how you would prepare a standard solution of sodium chloride in lab, i.e. a solution of known molarity. You are provided with a bottle of solid NaCl and you are expected to use a volumetric flask, as well as any other equipment you like. Sample Answer 1 . To find say a solution with molarity of 1M NaCl. First use the molarity equation to find how many moles of solute (NaCl) you need. Then use dimensional analysis to figure out how many grams of NaCl are needed by converting moles to grams using molar mass. Use this number and a balance to weigh out the desired amount in grams. Then retrieve a 1 liter volumetric flask and pour your NaCl solid into it. Fill with distilled water to the line indicated on the neck of the flask and mix. This solution will then be the desired molarity. Comments:
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f10LabFinalReview - Chem 0110 Fall 2010 Final Lab Exam...

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