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Art and Intention - Running head ART AND INTENTION 1 Art...

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Running head: ART AND INTENTION 1 Art and Intention ART101
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ART AND INTENTION 2 Art and Intention Michelangelo’s sculpture of David was not well received by the public when it was first unveiled. The sculpture was surrounded with politics. Supporters of the Medici threw stones and others crafted a skirt of copper leaves to protect the public from any offense they may have with the nudity. (Henry M. Sayre, 2010). Reaction to Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase was similar in the sense that the public did not receive it well either. When first on display in New York at the Armory Show, Americans felt that Duchamp was mocking them. The shocked reaction of the audience spurred jokes and inspired one report to state that the art resembled, “an explosion in a shingle factory.”(Henry M. Sayre, 2010). Contemporary viewers of each of these works found them objectionable because they were not of the same form as the art in the era. Duchamp’s work was not understood by viewers and it was considered unintelligible.
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