Data vs Information Checkpoint

Data vs Information Checkpoint - them into the information...

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Running head: DATA VS. INFOMATION 1 Data vs. Information CIS105
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DATA VS. INFOMATION 2 Data vs. Information Computers are no smarter than the person operating it. They run off of electricity, magnetic polarity and reflected light. (Norton, 2006) The data, the language that the computer understands, consists of raw numbers that the computers organize to produce information. (Norton, 2006) So in essence information=organized data + meaning. The computer processes the data into the language that the user understands. Data is the raw code that the computer processes at lightning fast speeds. Computers use what is called the binary code, a system of 1’s and 0’s, to process the requests of the user. The code is actually a system of on/off switches, 1 being on and 0 being off. The “brain” of the computer takes these on/off switches and processes
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Unformatted text preview: them into the information that the user sees on the screen. An example of this from our reading showed the words “Here are some words” in binary code these letters represent a sequence of 1’s and 0’s. Here, for example in binary code, is 0100 100 0110 0101 0111 0010 0110 0101. To the human eye these are just numbers but when the computer processes this data the information that shows to the user is the word “here”. Data is the representation of facts, concepts or instructions in a formalized manner suitable for the computer to communicate with the user. The information is organized data which is displayed to the user in a language that is understandable. DATA VS. INFOMATION 3 Reference McGraw Hill Companies (2006). Norton: Computing Fundamentals (6th ed.). McGraw Hill Companies....
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Data vs Information Checkpoint - them into the information...

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