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Unformatted text preview: Name: ______________________________ ME 513Q --- Engineering Acoustics Exam 1 – Fall 2007 --- 11/7/2007 Note: To help you complete this exam, you may refer to your class notes, your homework, solutions provided to you and other material distributed as part of the course either in-class or via the course website, but you may not refer to the text (Kinsler, Frey, Coppens and Sanders) or to any other acoustics text • Problem 1: ____________/20 • Problem 2: ____________/20 • Problem 3: ____________/20 Problem 1. (i) What is sound? (ii) The input impedance of a SDOF system is j (5 ω- 12/ ω ). What is the natural frequency of the system? (iii) A linear, SDOF system is driven at frequency ω : i.e., the time phasor is e j ω t . Sketch the frequency spectrum of the system response. (iv) In the expression e jkx , k is the rate of increase of __________________ with _________________ ....
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e1f07 - Name: ______________________________ ME 513Q ---...

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