MAS - Bibliography for: "E-Commerce opens door for...

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Bibliography for: "E-Commerce opens door for MAS" WITH a strong future and a current trend to follow, Malaysia Airlines is one organisation that is always reinventing itself. With the help of technology, MAS is currently actively engaged in the e- commerce side of the travel business. SINCE ITS INITIAL FORAYS INTO the digital sphere in early 2008, Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) online presence and following has grown enormously. From a layman's perspective, MAS understood, from the very beginning that being online means the company needs to be in a collaborative and evolving environment. The national carrier, therefore, continues to observe the landscape and take their cues from the communities it engages with. In short, MAS knows that by engaging with the target audience in activities and connecting with them on a regular basis, there shall be a continuous effort in building relationships and affinity with the brand. `We have an e-commerce strategy aimed at driving ancillary income. There is a latent potential in this revenue stream as travelers look at airlines as a one-stop travel shop, and beyond. While we aggressively market the travel products, we are continuously reviewing traveler's purchasing behaviour and matching that with our offerings,' says MAS Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy Dr Amin Khan. Amin points out that in line with the strategy, the company recently made available the KLIA Express ticket for purchase online at its website, to complement the hotel reservation and car rental services. This allows customers to experience seamless travel all the way. ONLINE BOOKING Amin shares, `Contributing towards the online business are the top three countries - Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom. In total, these three countries contribute 80% to MAS total online bookings. At the same time, traffic from Indonesia is on the up- trend with online bookings having increased 70% in 2010 compared to 2009.' It's a worldwide trend that more and more travelers are booking online. For MAS, one out of four passengers purchase their tickets online. `Between 2009 and 2010, we have seen an increase of 40% in online booking,' explains Amin.
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MAS - Bibliography for: "E-Commerce opens door for...

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