Maid to order problems

Maid to order problems - Maid to order problems RUNN ING a...

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Maid to order problems RUNNING a foreign maid agency is one of the best businesses to be in these days. With the increasing number of people spending more time at work rather than at home, they have no choice but to leave their children and elderly parents at the hands of foreign domestic helpers as they are comparatively cheaper than local ones. With the cost of hiring a maid ranging from RM2,500 to RM4,000 per maid, depending on their nationality and the agency, agencies are raking it in. Currently, there are about 200 foreign maid agencies operating in the country catering to a population of about 24 million. As a result, there is an increasing demand for foreign domestic helpers or maids. This is good news for these foreign maid agencies. They are required by the Immigration Department to take at least a minimum of 60 maids per year. It is highly unlikely for any agency to reveal their exact cost of operations to the media. As such, Malaysian Business could only do a calculated estimate from the minimum number given by the Immigration Department. Agencies charge about RM1,500 as agency fees for each maid. They also get the maids' first three months' income as the maids' payment for bringing them in to work here. This means that even a very small agency would easily rake in a minimum of about RM160,000 annually. What if the agency handles 120 maids per year? It surely is a business many want to be in these days. However, the maid agency association does not think so. `I think it is not fair to say this. This business is just like any other. It has its risks and problems,' says Jeffry Foo, vice president of the Foreign Maid Agencies Association (FMAA). `We (agencies) are often faced with problems due to change of policies. For example, Indonesia announced that it would ban its people from working as maids outside the country some time soon. This would leave us with little supply of workers,' Foo explains. He claims because of these problems, only 50 per cent of these agencies are still active today. But as government policies can take months or even years to implement, it gives a lot of room for the agencies to prepare back-up plans to safeguard their business. Foo, who has been in the business for 10 years, also adds that the huge number of illegal
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Maid to order problems - Maid to order problems RUNN ING a...

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