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Lab6 Discussion Questions - L ab 6 Discussion The solvent...

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Lab 6 Discussion The solvent of choice for the crystallization of the unknown was water. In the small-scale trials, the unknown dissolved at room temperature when introduced to ethanol and hexane. These two substances were unsuitable as solvents because it would take a very low temperature to get the unknown to crystallize. It is also possible that the compound would never be recoverable in ethanol and hexane. The unknown was also soluble in diethyl ether, but this solvent is not feasible because it is highly flammable, can form dangerous materials, and evaporates too quickly. The unknown did not dissolve in water or hexane. Each respective solution was then heated to past the boiling point. The compound dissolved in water, but still did not dissolve in hexane. Hexane was not a viable solvent because if enough compound does not dissolve it will mean a very poor yield when the solution is cooled to obtain crystals. Water was a good solvent because the compound was insoluble at low temperatures and soluble at high temperatures. The unknown compound was identified through its melting range. First, the melting range of the unknown was determined to be 184-188°C. The prelab data was then checked for a compound with a similar range that was also slightly soluble in water and fully soluble in ether. The most likely candidate was camphoric acid. A
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mixed melting point trial was then conducted with a sample of camphoric acid. The
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Lab6 Discussion Questions - L ab 6 Discussion The solvent...

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