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midterm 1 SG

midterm 1 SG - 11 Dubai made units for Mew(dipole moment 12...

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People: 1. Berzelius- 1807 Swedish decided living organisms had a vital force 2. Fredrich Wohler- 1828 synthetically created urea 3. Gilbert Lewis- lewis structures 4. Schrodinger- quantum mechanics 5. Linus Pauling- electronegativity, molecular orbitals, polarity, Nobel prize and peace prize, resonance, hybridization 6. Pasteur- enantiomers 7. Cahn, Ingold, Prelog- R,S nomenclature 8. Fischer- projections 9. Phil Eaton- cubane 10. Huns rule- the electrons must be unpaired first
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Dubai- made units for Mew (dipole moment) 12. Biot- developed the polarimeter A=A 2^(-t/k) KNOW BOND LENGTH G=-2.3log 10 K (R= 2 Calories/degree mol) K=Ae^(-Ea/RT) Acidity increases left to right, top to bottom Trichloromethane is chloroform HAMMOND POSTULATE- early transition states are characteristic of fast, exothermic processes, late transition states are typical of slow, endothermic reaction. Early and late transition states...
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