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Golden Compass Notes - o 5 females not allowed in retiring...

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Unformatted text preview: o 5 females not allowed in retiring room o She is originally in Jordan o daemons don’t have to be the same gender o servants daemons are dogs o 1 st chapter—lots of references to power complexity within the college and beyond o 18 london politics o 39 narrator omniscient tells us one day Lyra will know more about Dust than anyone o 44 Tony will never see his mom again (omnisc) o 47 Lyra drinks o 49 daemons take a permanent form o 51 lots of older men take an interest in Lyra o desultorily- to do in a random and haphazard way without any intent or purpose o torpid—inert, slow and apathetic o 70 narratorial voice master’s smile like a grimace of sadness o 72 master “couldn’t prevent” her from leaving o 73 “the powers of this world are very strong. Men and women are moved by tides much fiercer than you can imagine and they sweep us all up into the current” o 75 Lyra’s daemon imitating Mrs. Coulter’s o 77 bath is first time Pantalaimon has to look away from Lyra o Pant is a moth when she is being secretive/ling o Wildcat when fleeing (99) o Sparrow when unsure, flighty o 99- man hits on her for 1 st time o 105- daemons mimic human emotional action o 105 Lyra worried about small childhood troubles (they won’t care for her because she stole their boat) o 107 exoticization of the tartars o 110- gyptians more organized than they seem “king of the gyptians” o 110- more interest about everyone being very interested in lyra o 111- drugs specific to daemons o 112- lyra is fire and witch oil, not a gyptian water person o 117- ague-- a fit of shivering or shake o 118- lyra’s voice rambles very much like a child o 122- law allows any man to defend his honor if his wife cheats o 124- “rare ones where daemon is same sex as himself (homosexuality” o oblate- an offering, church related word. An oblation is a child who has been offered by their parents to devote their life to the church o tawny- the color of tanned leather o 139 tony and lord asriel mirror each other (both tell lyra that they will bring her back a walrus tooth)...
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Golden Compass Notes - o 5 females not allowed in retiring...

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